Dr Lisa Cameron MP welcomes £100k compensation for families impacted by the infected blood scandal

Lisa Cameron MP has welcomed the announcement that those impacted by the infected blood scandal will now receive compensation payouts of £100,000.

Patients were infected with HIV and Hepatitis C through imported contaminated blood products and it is reported that approximately 2,400 have tragically died.

Now around 4,000 UK victims will be compensated.

The announcement comes after decades of campaigning and an interim report recommendation by Sir Brian Langstaff, Minister for the Inquiry, delivered to Government on July 29.

Payments will be made by the end of October by UK Government across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland to all those infected and all bereaved partners currently registered on UK infected blood support schemes, and to those who register between now and the inception of any future scheme.

East Kilbride’s MP is asking for families affected to be in contact with her office if they need any further support in registering for their compensation or with other support concerns.

Dr Cameron said: “I welcome the notification from Government that compensation, long overdue is finally being awarded to those families devastated by the infected blood scandal across the UK.

“The Health All Party Group that I chair have advocated urgent action on this vital matter and I have received letters from those tragically affected.

“I am keen that any local families who need further support get in touch with me directly.”

The government said the compensation would be tax-free and not affect the support payments these people are receiving.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said: “While nothing can make up for the pain and suffering endured by those affected by this tragic injustice, we are taking action to do right by victims and those who have lost their partners.”

Contact the MP’s East Kilbride office on 01355 587430 or her Strathaven office on 01357 520879.