APPG Disability Visits Arsenal Sensory Room and Disabled Fans Facilities

As part of my work as chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Disability, I was so pleased to visit Arsenal FC with the Premier League and APPG members to speak with them about access to sports and sports inclusion. Their stadium has developed a sensory room for fans who have Autistic Spectrum Disorder and other conditions that make crowds and loud noise difficult for a full 90 minute game.

Families are now able to go to see a game with their children and family members who have disabilities and feel that their needs are accommodated.

There is also a changing places toilet installed.

It was also great to see the community work that they are undertaking and to speak with people with disabilities who were having sports coaching in football on the day.

If you are having problems accessing sports facilities due to disabled access please do get in touch with me directly on or via the All Party Disability Group