Dr Lisa Cameron MP meets with Fleeing Refugees from Mariupol, Ukraine in Warsaw

This week was so very poignant as I travelled with Parliament to Warsaw to speak with Ukrainian refugees, including many from Mariupol who have been fleeing Russia’s invasion. So many had been trapped for weeks with few supplies and were in urgent need of medical assistance.

Children clung to their parents for safety after suffering such trauma and it was truly humbling to work for the day at a local shelter near the railway station when they arrived, feeding adults and children in their thousands.

I also met with the Children’s Minister and had a conversation about safeguarding unaccompanied children and what more can be done to facilitate UK Visa’s that so many refugees are still waiting for.

Please do get in touch with me about any UK Visa or matching issues on lisa.cameron.mp@parliament.uk and I will do all possible to assist.