Dr Lisa Cameron named “UK Allergy Champion”

Allergy UK has formally launched a new Patient Charter for Allergy in the House of Commons. The reception, held on 11th May 2022, which saw attendance from Parliamentarians, clinical professionals, and Allergy UK to discuss the profound impact that allergies can have on quality of life. Allergy has been referenced as a ‘global epidemic’ by the World Health Organisation. In the UK, it is estimated around 41 million people have one or more allergic condition.– it can be unpredictable and sometimes fatal:

According to research from Allergy UK:

  • Allergy and related conditions are estimated to cost the NHS about £1 billion a year
  • About half a million people admitted to NHS hospitals each year
  • There has been a 615% increase in hospital admissions related to all-cause anaphylaxis over the last 20 years

A landmark study done by Allergy UK found that

  • 61% would like government to do more to help people with allergies
  • 65% of parents wanted specialist allergy nurses in GP surgeries
  • 64% parents wanted allergy services in hospitals, GP surgeries and local pharmacies
  • 63% of parents wanted quick tests to identify allergy
  • 65% say their child has felt discriminated against in a restaurant, because there was nothing they could safely eat
  • 72% of parents feel that sometimes their children’s allergies are not taken seriously
  • 76% feel people should take allergies seriously

Upon being appointed as UK Allergy Champion for the SNP, Lisa said

“As Chair of the Health All Party Group in parliament it was a privilege to be named UK Allergy Champion for my party this week. Allergies affect so many people. I have suffered from allergies for many years and know the impact it can have day to day.  

I fully support the Patient Charters aims of chievement of a quality standard of care for everyone with allergy throughout the UK

I will ensure I do all I can to support the Allergy UK Patient Charter going forward”