Dr Lisa Cameron MP supports Safer Internet Day

Dr Lisa Cameron MP has joined with schools, charities, and businesses across the UK to pledge their support for making the internet a safer place for children and young people. February 8th is Safer Internet Day, a globally recognised annual event promoting the safe and

positive use of digital technology for children and young people.

The event, coordinated by the UK Safer Internet Centre (UK SIC), is marked in over one hundred countries.

This year’s theme is All fun and games ?  It explores respect and relationships online.

New research by the from the UK Safer Internet Centre shows that in Scotland:-

  • Playing games online has helped 62% of young people spend more time with friends virtually than they have done in real life
  • 56% of parents (with children aged 8-17) have been alerted to a new person within an online gamethattheir child is unsure about
  • Young people report at least one negative emotion in various online game situations. This includes seeing someone being mean or nasty (75%),seeing someone cheat (71%), and falling out with a friend (73%) when playing an online game.

Dr Lisa Cameron MP today welcomed the work being undertaken by the UK Safer Internet Centre and called for everyone to do play their part in making sure that children and young people are safe online.

Dr Lisa Cameron MP said:

“The safety of young people online is an important issue for parents like myself, carers and children alike. I would encourage constituents to have difficult conversations with their children and to educate them on the challenges they may face online.”

A spokesperson for the UK Safer Internet Centre said: “It is vital that we reach as many children and their parents and carers as possible.

“Safer Internet Day engages children and young people across the UK to encourage them to have a conversation about their online safety. The UK Safer Internet Centre provides support and advice to children, parents and professionals working with children all year round. It is essential that policy makers are aware of the challenges that children face online, so as part of Safer Internet Day 2022 we also hosted a virtual event for MPs.”

Dr Lisa Cameron MP urged constituents who are concerned about online safety to visit