Dr Lisa Cameron MP backs East Kilbride Christmas Kindness Campaign

After another difficult year and with so many families newly in poverty a group of organisations based in East Kilbride have joined forces to ensure we can ‘keep it local’ and help ensure no one in East Kilbride is left without a gift at Christmas. East Kilbride (Town centre), Morrisons Lindsayfield, Tesco St Leonards, Dr Lisa Cameron MP, Share Alike, and SAVI Kids have all agreed to combine efforts to assist our community in coming together and help ensure none in East Kilbride misses out on the spirit of Christmas.  

Kindness is also contagious, By working together we can spread kindness all around our town.  Last year the Christmas Kindness campaign managed to distribute over 2000 gifts 300 of which went to care homes. They also delivered over 200 christmas food hampers.  

What is EK Christmas Kindness Campaign?

The EK Christmas Kindness team will facilitate the collection, within East Kilbride, of gifts for children living in poverty, those living alone or are estranged from family/friends due to COVID.  Local groups/organisations will be asked to nominate with key details i.e. age/gender individuals or families who may otherwise go without. Not just children, but older members of our community who may live alone and would otherwise be unable to exchange gifts this year.  

The public will be able to pledge/donate gifts in 2 ways: 

  1. EK East Kilbride (Town Centre) and Morrisons Lindsayfield have both agreed to display a Kindness tree, where members of our community can choose a tag with basics to assist gift choice and donate in allocated drop off points with tag attached.
  2.  Kindness Pledges – A facebook group has been created https://www.facebook.com/groups/248418493162314/?ref=share where lists will be available for people to pledge gifts to be dropped of at assigned drop off points. 

How can you help?

Spread the word, share this with groups in East Kilbride who may not know and who would benefit from being involved.  Let people know you are part of it and share our updates on your social media or invite people to join the christmas group and get involved