Dr Lisa Cameron MP calls for increased support for disabled children amid Covid19

Disabled Children’s Partnership and Pears Foundation have joined together to release a new impact report on how the pandemic has affected disabled children and their families.

The report entitled Left Behind reveals that disabled children and their families face disproportionate mental health impacts from the pandemic. They remain cut off from society, with 9 in 10 disabled children socially isolating. The report calls for government funding dedicated to outreach services for disabled children and families – including therapies and respite – to address the disproportionate impact of the pandemic.

Dr Lisa Cameron MP Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary group for Disability and a recognized Disabled Children’s Champion said   “With nearly three quarters of disabled children having their progress regress during the pandemic it is clear that government should prioritise funding to address the gap in disabled children’s care and services. I will continue to prioritise these matters in Parliament”